Avondale Theatre (Oliver Theater)

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Avondale Theatre (Oliver Theater)


This former theatre at the 358 Oliver Street was razed in the late 1980s, and is now only a memory. Interneteer Joe Vogel offers the following pertinent research about its early days on cinematreasures.org:
The Oliver Theatre, operated by Henry Klinger, was the subject of an article in the December 4, 1912, issue of Tonawanda’s local paper, The Evening News. Klinger had received a rebate on the taxes for the theater after claiming that the assessment for the year 1911 had been erroneous.

Klinger operated the house until at least 1915, when he became the first person to exhibit movies on Sunday in North Tonawanda, according to an item in the August 21 issue of The Moving Picture World. [The permission to exhibit pictures on Sundays was a longstanding battle]. He later sold the house to Snyder and Zimmerman of Buffalo, but repurchased it from them in July, 1921, when the July 21 issue of The New York Clipper reported that he planned to remodel the theater and increase its seating capacity.

In January, 1922, The American Organist reported that the Avondale Theatre in North Tonawanda had a new Wurlitzer organ. No details about the instrument were given. [A 1921 article mentions it has a price tag of $2.5K.]
After extensive remodeling, and a public contest to rename it with a $10 prize, the theater re-opens on September 1, 1921 as the Avondale. An L. E. Barger is manager. The North Tonawanda History Museum website picks up:
In 1956, this former theater building at the corner of Oliver and Robinson Streets was purchased by the members of the Christian Tabernacle. After extensive remodeling, the church was renamed the Assembly of God Evangelistic Center.