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Bonk's Delicatessen, Vic and Kai's, (665 Oliver).htm

665 Oliver Street, photo (Google 2021).jpg

From: https://ampoleagle.com/vic-kais-ice-cream-bring-back-sweet-memories-p7119-202.htm Vic and Kai are short for Victoria and Casimir Witkowski, two…

Deported, article (Tonawanda News, 1893-09-05).jpg

Deported, article (Tonawanda News, 1893-09-05).jpg

"An insane German sent back to the Fatherland" - On his arrival in North Tonawanda form Hamburg Henry Sommerfelt boards at Yerkley's on Robinson…

Schumacher and Hoover Grocers, Payne Ave near Christiana , Torrey cabinet photo, colorized (c1890).jpg

Schumacher and Hoover Grocers, 150 Payne, Torley cabinet photo, colorized (c1890).jpg

Maybe 140 Payne that was destroyed by fire in 1976. The 1880 map structure at this corner appears to be a different footprint. 1908 and 1951 look…

Slap Shot Original, excerpt (Dave Hanson).htm

Slap Shot Original, excerpt p50.jpg

Description of a Jets / Norsemen series that inspired scenes from 1970s classic hockey movie, Slap Shot.