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Tonawanda News, full paper (1896-06-01).pdf

North Tonawanda NY Evening News 1896 Grayscale - 0626.pdf

After this date, the microfilm record of the paper is silent until November 1st, and the (remote) lighting of the "New Niagara Furnace" at the…

NTHS women's basketball team, team photo with names (1923).jpg

NTHS women's basketball team, Wherry, photo (1923).jpeg

Moulton, Hamilton, Doty, Peters, Rooney, Wherry. An Elizabeth Wherry played guard for NTHS in January 1922, was a Miss Twin Cities entrant with 40K…

VIDEO: A video tour of an Artizan "Style D" Band Organ.mov


This working organ at the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum of North Tonawanda, N.Y. is the largest of the Artizan line of military band organs.…

Promotion work of a great industry - Wurlitzer advertising department, illustrated article (Presto-Times, 1926-07-31).JPG

Wurlitzer 1926-07-31 PRE p 10T Printing plant.JPG

Trade journal article describing how the Cincinnati-based advertising department drives demand for Wurlitzer products.

Tonawanda Distribution Corporations, ad (c1960).jpg

Tonawanda Distribution Corporations, ad (c1960).jpg

AKA Tondisco, 80 Thompson Street.

Princess Suzanne, souvenir photo for Scenic Family Theatre and related notices (c.1913).JPG

Princess Suzanne, photo, Scenic Theatre.JPG

A vaudeville curiosity, this small wire-walker is purported to hail from Hungary and tours (at least) upstate New York in the early 1900s. Appears in…