Sweeney Cemetery

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Sweeney Cemetery


From History of Niagara County 1821-1878 (1878):
The village has a cemetery, which was organized under the statute, in the year 1868. The incorporators were: Benjamin F. Felton, Garwood L. Judd, Franklin Warren, Hiram Hewell, Selden G. Johnson and John Simpson. Mr. Hewell was the first president, and Mr. Felton the first secretary of the board of organization. At the first meeting of the board of trustees, Mr. Felton presented the corporation with a splendid book for the keeping of the records. Much credit is due to Messrs. Felton,Warren and.Judd for the labor and interest they took in organizing the enterprise. Mr. Judd drew up the articles of association; and being an attorney, obtained the requisite order from court, sanctioning the articles of incorporation, which were duly recorded in the office of the county clerk.

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