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Gratwick (Neighborhood)


The White, Gratwick & Mitchell Lumber Company establishes a planing mill and substantial lumberyards along the Niagara River in 1879. They employ 450 men, mostly of German origin, who settle northeast of the facilities. The village’s main street is named after prominent area resident, investor, industry and education advocate Benjamin F. Felton. By 1884 there is a "neat frame" school house with one teacher and 30 pupils, built by Felton (school board president at the time). Gratwick is incorporated into the City of North Tonawanda in 1897.

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Felton, Benjamin F. (1827-1905).jpg

Benjamin F. Felton, photo portrait (Landmarks of Niagara County, 1897).jpg

One of the most prominent early residents of North Tonawanda, Felton is born in Massachusetts in 1827. Early on he is involved in the manufacture of…

Gratwick, Smith and Fryer Lumber Co., promotional booklet (1880).jpg

Gratwick, Smith and Fryer Lumber Co., promotional booklet (1880).jpg

This illustrated booklet details the business of the Gratwick, Smith and Fryer Lumber Company, showing how they were able to be successful by…

Canal and Lumber Yards, Gratwick, postcard (c1900).jpg

Canal and Lumber Yards, postcard.jpg

Appears to be looking southeast through the Gratwick lumber yeards, from roughly present-day Gratwick Park, with Tonawanda Iron and Steel looming on…

Gratwick Slip boathouse gang, photo (Cumming Family, c1905).jpg

Gratwick Slip boathouse gang, photo (Cumming Family, c1902).jpg

A slip on the Niagara River was lined with boathouses south of the (projected) foot of East Ave. Today it is the North Tonawanda Water Wastewater…

Gratwick, William H..jpg

William H Gratwick, portrait.jpg

From Buffalo as an Architectural Museum: [William H.] Gratwick was born in Albany, NY. After he learned the lumber trade, he came to Buffalo in 1877…