Two Killed, article (Buffalo News, 1895-10-07, 7th edition)

Two Killed, article (Buffalo News, 1895-10-07).pdf

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Two Killed, article (Buffalo News, 1895-10-07, 7th edition).pdf


Substantially the same account, background added:

"The original contention resulting in last night's riot dates back to the formation of a brokers' office by William Godard and Ira M. Rose, both of this village. P. W. Scribner & Co....the boatmen say, declined to apply for boats through the brokers' office and signified his intention of taking care of his shipping independently.

"This served to create considerable ill feeling between Scribner and the boatmen and it appears that numerous schemes were devised to hamper Scribner In obtaining boats to carry his lumber. Nearly all of the boatmen signed contracts with Godard and Rose of the brokers' office."

"Scribner, for some reason, would not go into the deal and he did not hesitate to say so. He preferred to act Independently, even If obliged to pay a rate in excess of $2 to New York and $1.50 to Albany, the rate paid through the broker's office."

"Godard says he went to Scribner on Friday and tried to effect a conciliation, but according to his story Scribner was obstinate and refused to have anything to do with Godard or anyone connected with the brokers' office. The canal men say that Scribner's obstinacy inspired
them with desperation and last night while brooding over the affair they congregated and went to his docks, little thinking that It would result In the murder of one man. possibly two. Now that they have done their worst they feel penitent. Some of the canal men try to find consolation by saying that Scribner is Indirectly to blame for the whole affair. The canal men have no union here."

Charles unconscious from time of injury, never leaves the deck.