Boulton Carbon Manufacturing Company

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Boulton Carbon Manufacturing Company


W. H. Boulton's Cleveland company manufactured carbons used in arc lighting. From Wikipedia:
By 1894, he had formed the Boulton & Crown Carbon Company with a factory on 17th Street in North Tonawanda, New York. That factory closed, reportedly due to poor quality product, in the spring of 1896. For a brief time in 1896, Boulton went to work for the Prudential Life Insurance Company to make ends meet. In August 1896, his second eldest son, Frank, died of a sunstroke. Destitute and now despondent from the death of his son, Boulton attempted to commit suicide on September 9, 1896 with a combination of a morphine overdose and chloroform. The attempt happened in Prospect Park in Buffalo. When found by the police, Boulton had a note in his pocket that read: "I have swallowed 20 grains of morphine and have put myself to sleep with chloroform. If I ever wake up again, I will cut my throat with a razor that I have in my pocket, as I am determined to commit suicide. P.S. – If anyone finds me before I am dead, I hope that they will not bring me back to consciousness, as I don't want to live." There is no information available on W. H. Boulton after that date.