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13 killed in electric power plant, statement of NT fire chief, article, transcription (Safety News and Comment, 1921)

Available on Google Books. 13 Killed in Electric Power Plant THIRTEEN men were killed as the result of an explosion and fire in the distributing…

The Work of the Tonawanda Power Company, article excerpts (American Electrician, April 1900, vol. 12, no. 4, p. 155-162, col. 1-3,1-2).htm

Work of the Tonawanda Power Company, photo 1.jpg

Full article describes the role of the North Tonawanda substation.Photo captions: "Fig. 1. — the Exterior of the Transforming Station of the Tonawanda…

The Organisation of the Operating Department of the Niagara Falls Power Company, article excerpts (Cassier's Magazine, January 1902 vol. 21, no. 3, p. 179-205, col. 1-2).htm

House adjoining the Tonawanda dub-station, tower?, photo (Cassier's Magazine January 1902).png

Full article discusses the reliance of the area on the power of Niagara Falls, and has additional photos of call boxes, and view of the Niagara Falls…

NaT mascot, Bicentennial Celebration, photos and illustration (1976).jpg

NaT in parade past junior high, photo (Tonawandas Bicentennial Celebration Report, 1976).jpg

At one time a strange and horrible beast stalked this land, "NaT," a grotesque parody of a lumberjack with a colonial tricorn hat on its giant head…

Hungarian group, funeral, Wittkowsky photo (HST, c.1913).jpg

Hungarian group, funeral, Wittkowsky photo (c.1913).jpeg

Location unknown, presumed Tonawandas.

Myths and Travel Tales, Niagara illustrations, excerpt (Chapter XII - History of the Niagara Frontier, Wilner, pp. 533-547, 1931).pdf

Chapter XII Myths and Tales, excerpt , from a History of the Niagara Frontier.pdf

(Click 1st image to view PDF). Repeats false Sacrifice to the Falls ("Maid of the Mist") story, The Place of Peace, Fate of the Peace Queen, Flight of…

DeGraff Mansion, illustration (Dennis Reed Jr, 2023).jpg


For more variations, see my Art section.

Myles Joyce to seek 7th term, Buttermilk case, article (Tonawanda News, 1969-06-18.pdf

Myles Joyce to seek 7th term, Buttermilk case, article (Tonawanda News, 1969-06-18.pdf

The so-called "Buttermilk Trial" of Mayor Myles Joyce (who is pulled over for drunk driving, and claims he was drinking only buttermilk) appears to…

Closure of North Tonawanda Pool is the end of an era, article (Samantha Christmann, Buffalo News, 2023).htm


As a kid in North Tonawanda, every summer morning in 1988 was the same ritual. I would stretch on my purple swimsuit, still damp from the night…

Bintz Pool examples from other cities, photos.jpg

Bintz Pool, Bruce Pool, New Martinsville Park West Virginia, photo.png

Wesley Bintz made a career out of building municipal swimming pools across the United States. These examples show how the basic design was adapted to…

On the Avenues and Beyond by John Kolecki, 2007, book review (Dennis Reed Jr, 2023).htm


It’s disorienting to contemplate how different the Avenues would have appeared to young Master Kolecki in 1925. If you’ve seen photographs of the era,…

The Town of Wheatfield, transcribed chapter (Landmarks of Niagara County, 1897).pdf

History of Wheatfield (Chapter XII from Landmarks of Niagara County, 1897).pdf



Wheatfield is the last town organized in Niagara County, and was set off from Niagara May 12, 1836. It…