Mitch's Del-Taco, Oliver Studio, Lillian Beauty Shoppe (474 Oliver)

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Mitch's Del-Taco, Oliver Studio, Lillian Beauty Shoppe (474 Oliver)


An Oliver Street favorite since 1978, "Mitch" now slings tacos at Mitch's General Store (9005 E Otto Springville Rd, East Otto, NY 14729).

474 Oliver has also been home to a photography studio ("Oliver Studio"), P. Norwich Proprietor in 1924, Anna Norwich in 1931. A beauty salon (Lillian Beauty Shoppe) also appears in advertisements that year. In 1951, someone at that address is selling a "fruit and vegetable business." From about 1948-1968, a barber shop is operated here by Polish-born Steven Haba, who lived in NT since 1911, retired in July 1968, and wis dead a week or two later.

A seemingly avoidable death occurrs here on July 5, 1979. Pamela Robbins dies from a diabetic coma, after being advised by one Reverend Jerome Stefanski to stop taking her insulin, claiming it was making her ill (he'd also claimed to have cured her epilepsy). At the inquest into her death the following March, Stefanski argues the nature of death with Niagara County Coroner William Brunner.