Riverside Chemical Company (1906-present)

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Riverside Chemical Company (1906-present)


From their website:

Riverside Chemical was founded in 1906 by A. C. Rasch. The business started running out of the basement of a grocery store at the corner of Oliver Street and Porter Avenue in North Tonawanda, NY. In those beginning years, the company focused on household supplies such as ammonia, bluing, vanilla extract and other extracts. Mr. Rasch founded the company on the simple principle of providing a good product, for a good price, with special attention to customer service and community involvement.

Later Mr. Rasch began manufacturing products to serve the needs of horse drawn wagons and industrial machines. The company produced axle grease and other grease for machinery, as well as leather oils, harness preservatives and hoof dressing.

When the automobile age began, Mr. Rasch developed a non-chatter oil for Model T cars which launched the company into a new era.

Dr. Carl H. Rasch (1904-1980)

In 1929 the company moved their facility to the current location on River Road in North Tonawanda, NY.

During the 1940's and 1950's the company was managed by A. C. Rasch's sons, George A. Rasch and Dr. Carl H. Rasch.

In 1959 Dr. Carl H. Rasch was appointed as President of the company. Dr Rasch had worked at Riverside since the early 1930's, and had also earned Ph.D. Degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Buffalo and the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Rasch was responsible for another large growth period in the company as he expanded the business product lines to include high purity chemicals and food grade additives as well as dramatically increasing their industrial product lines. Dr. Rasch remained President until he passed away in 1980.

The 1980s began the third generation of the family run business as Dr. Carl H. Rasch's sons Peter C. Rasch became President and Jon A. Rasch as Vice President. Both had worked for Riverside for many years before taking charge in 1980.

Peter Rasch has continued to grow the business, while also minding the principals that had been set by his grandfather so many years ago. Riverside's success has been enhanced by its high ethical business practices; commitment to community, customers, employees and the environment.