Murder on the Docks (October 7, 1895)

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Murder on the Docks (October 7, 1895)


Articles relating to the murder of Captain Lorenzo Philips and his son Charles at the Scribner docks in Tonawanda, and the subsequent trials.

"Pleads Guilty," Buffalo Evening News, 4/7/1896. George Hyde has been convicted. Unnerved, Captain Jesse T. Graves reverses and pleads guilty to first degree manslaughter and rioting. Quirk and Collins considered the same. Maximum sentence would be 20 years, just over 12 with good behavior. Perew was determined to stand trial, insisting (through his attorneys) he only came by to see what all the fuss was about, and never had a stake in canal affairs one way or another. He did however help tie up the drifting May and Graff and call for a physician. Justice Woodward, DA Kenefik. William Goddard, the canal broker, will plead guilty only to save money, and time, as he is an old man and in poor health. County of Erie would be saved many thousands of dollars with guilty pleas, the NEWS notes.


Tonawanda's Trouble, article (Buffalo News, 1884-05-30).PDF

Tonawandas Troubles, boatment deadlocked, article (Buffalo News, 1884-05-30).PDF

Serious Dead-Lock In the Canal Traffic. The Organization of Boatmen Against Shippers-Both Sides of the Case. (P. W. Scribner Weighs in)

Depicts the…

The Situation at Tonawanda, article (New York Times, 1893-07-06).pdf

The Situation at Tonawand, article (New York Times, 1893-07-06).pdf

Soldiers have withdrawn, all is still quiet. 28 deputized to keep the peace. "About the usual number" of Poles have come down from Buffalo to work. It…

Big Riot, article (Buffalo Express, 1895-10-07).PDF

Big Riot, article (Buffalo Express, 1895-10-07).PDF

Captain loading out of turn at Scriber's dock. 12:30 a.m. 150 boatmen assembled. Took two bullets, sun clubbed, boats cut adrift. Phillips's boats the…

Horrible Work of a Mob, article, partial transcription (Tonawanda News, 1895-10-07).pdf

Horrible Work of a Mob (Tonawanda News, 1895-10-07).pdf

Captain Phillips and His Son Charles Brutally Murdered.

Mob of Frenzied Men Shed Blood in Tonawanda After the Midnight Hour -Pistols and Stones…

Two Killed, article (Buffalo News, 1895-10-07, 7th edition).pdf

Two Killed, article (Buffalo News, 1895-10-07).pdf

Substantially the same account, background added:

"The original contention resulting in last night's riot dates back to the formation of a brokers'…

All Brutes, article, partial transcription (Buffalo News, 1895-10-08, 5th edition).pdf

All Brutes, article (Buffalo News, 1895-10-08).pdf

Two Policemen and a Deputy Stood by Helpless While the Cowards Ran Riot. Arrested now number 16: Nick Waudle, Ed. Dunn, James Reilly, Ed. Mulligan,…

At Tonawanda, article (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 1895-10-08).pdf

At Tonawanda, article (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 1895-10-08).pdf

Says Lorenzo Phillips was captain of "Jennie Graft," Charles of "May." Says he fired a shot over his head, and was immediately fired on. Drifting…

Behind bars, article (Tonawanda News, 1895-10-08ish).pdf

Behind bars, article (Tonawanda News, 1895-10-0).pdf

Rhineheart, owner of boats Hoff and Riley, arrested. Will be taken to Buffalo. Police complain tipsters repudiate. Goddard has "no statement" but goes…

A Midnight Secret Session! article, partial transcription (Tonawanda News, 1895-10-09ish).pdf

A Midnight Secret Session! (Tonawanda News, 1895-10-0).pdf

(Not sure of the date of this article, day or two after first inquest).Only A Half Hour Before the Murders Are Committed the Boatmen Meet in Secret…