Telephone Franchises

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Telephone Franchises


"In 1880, both the Bell Telephone Company and the Edison Co. opened general offices and began extending service in both villages here. The Home Telephone Co. later was in business here also." George S. Hobbie, News founder, describes first experimental line in a 1930 remembrance (1953).

In 1902, Mayor Ollie vetoes the Common Council's grant of a purportedly lavishly generous Bell telephone franchise.

The Niagara Falls Home Telephone Company merges with others to become the Niagara County Home Telephone Company. In NT in March 1912 the Common Council rules that the wires along Tremont are unsightly, and requires they, the New York Telephone Company, and the Tonawanda Power Company place wires underground. This does not go over well with the companies. "Mr. E. C. Payne appeared and requested the Common Council to take
action on the International Railroad Company in regard to the heavy voltage wires killing the trees along the east side of Payne Avenue."