142 Oliver

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142 Oliver


This Oliver Street address appears to have its foundation laid in 1886, in the midst of a grist mill, boiler and engine works, a train depot, and a flour mill.

By 1893, maps show a saloon with two stories in the front, and several single-story buildings behind it.

Around 1914, Andrew Dorn and his Bavarian-born wife Katharina come to North Tonawanda from New York City, and begin operating a tavern and rooming house at 142 Oliver. "The Erie Hotel and Cafe" is advertised in 1915 with Andrew Dorn as the proprietor, and their clientele as "gentlemen only." Prohibition forces drinking establishments to serve on the down-low, and a 1932 dry raid targets Dorn and others.

With the end of Prohibition in 1933, Dorn resumes serving openly. A business card for what is now called "Dorn’s Buffet and Rooming House" promises "light lunches" and features an illustration of a smiling man proffering a sudsy beer glass twice the size of his head. Andrew Dorn passes in 1935, and by 1942 the site is advertised as "North Star Tavern."

Today, the address is privately owned apartments, seemingly now two stories all the way back. County property data gives 1930 as the build date.