Fleuron Pottery (73-79 Robinson Street)

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Fleuron Pottery (73-79 Robinson Street)


Fleuron pottery stamped with "N. Tonawanda" appears to be produced in the 1920s and 1930s. Contemporaneous ads for home goods sellers mention it occasionally (e.g., The Niagara Dry Goods Company offers flower pots for Christmas plants in a 1933 Xmas ad; Palmer's of 160 Delaware advertises a "Fleuron Quartz Cup and Saucer" giveaway in a 1933 ad and notes "no two Fleuron pieces are identical in their charming coloring, as you will see from our window display").

On May 1st, 1933 a fire heavily damages the two-story factory building at 73-79 Robinson occupied by Fleuron and the Tonawanda Corrugated Paper Box Company. The nearby IRC trolley barns are damaged in the blaze. The president of Fleuron at the time of the fire is Harry E. Gosch.