16-18 Webster (Schroeder's, Mundie Bros., etc.)

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16-18 Webster (Schroeder's, Mundie Bros., etc.)


16-18 Webster Street, c. 191016-18 Webster Street, c. 1910
F. Sommer Block

14, 16 and 18 Webster Street comprise the "F. Sommers" block 3 on this 1875 map. In the 1891 guidebook The Lumber City, p. 52, a similarly named gentleman is described (though no mention of Webster Street holdings):
Frederick Sommer was born in Baden, Germany, and came to America in 1848, locating in Cheektowaga, Erie county, lie moved to Tonawanda in 1868, and a year later to North Tonawanda, where he served for 11 years as Deputy Collector of Customs, holding the office of Justice of the Peace 4 years in the meantime, 81-5. He served as President of North Tonawanda, 88-9, the latter year having been again elected as Justice of the Peace, and holds court at corner of Main and Thomson streets. Mr. Sommer joined the 21 N. Y. Vols, as a private, was promoted to lieutenant in 116th, served as captain in the 98th, and was mustered out as lieutenant colonel.
In this 1886 map the northern two buildings have become a single "brick block being built to have Grocer and Jewelry store. The corner building is wood (by 1893, it is the brick State National Bank).

Mundie Brothers

Scottish-born brothers John and James Mundie sell Pierce bicycles as early as 1896 "at the corner of Webster and Sweeney." It is unclear if this is the same location, as it was the State National Bank that would have been at this corner (14 Webster) at this time. In any event, soon the Mundie Brothers are operating from 18 Webster, selling jewelry, trophies, cameras, and many other luxury items. James Mundie is president of NT Common Council in 1915. Both die in middle age.

Yianolis Brothers purchase 16-18 Webster

In 1919, the Yianilos brothers (Sugar Bowl operators) buy the 16-18 building from "the Sommer estate." The building is is "occupied by Max H. Schroeder, grocer, and Mundie Brothers jewelry company," saying they plan no changes. In 1925, Harvey's (Rosokoff's) drug store, Mundie Jewelry Company and the "Henning powder puff" factory are occupants.

The incredible shrinking building

The 16-18 building is three stories tall in the early 20th Century. After fires in (at least) 1925, 1932 and 1933, this c.1940 postcard shows two stories. By 2024, it is a one-story building.


John Mundie shot himself, transcribed article (Tonawanda News, 1916-04-04).jpg

John Mundie shot himself, transcribed article (Tonawanda News, 1916-04-04).jpg


Untimely Death Comes as Shock to Host of Friends.


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