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Rand Company, Kardex, Remington-Rand


The Rand family powerfully shaped the Tonawandas' business landscape over several generations. Starting in banking, the Rand men (sometimes in direct competition with one another) would become involved in filing systems, office furnishings, automatic musical instruments, and even what would be come the modern computer.  In 1908, James Rand Sr.'s Rand Company has its Plant No.1 on the west side of Goundry, near the train bridge (now a parking lot). In 1919 Rand adds Plant No.2, the former North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works (now Liston Mfg. Co.). The rival Kardex company (operated by James Rand Jr.) is in Tonawanda at Main, Wheeler and Franklin in 1920. This site is later Remington-Rand Plant No. 10 in Tonawanda, where a workers' strike is broken in early summer of 1936 (see plates 48 and 54 for maps of Plants 10 and 11).

Wikiepdia, Remington Rand Strike of 1937-1937:
The strike is notorious for spawning the "Mohawk Valley formula," a corporate plan for strikebreaking to discredit union leaders, frighten the public with the threat of violence, use local police and vigilantes to intimidate strikers, form puppet associations of "loyal employees" to influence public debate, fortify workplaces, employ large numbers of strikebreakers, and threaten to close the plant if work is not resumed.


American Kardex, ad (Tonawanda News, 1921).jpg

Kardex logotype (Tonawanda News, 1921).jpg

Main, Franklin and Wheeler Streets

Remington Rand strikers, flyer (Erie County Committee Communist Party, 1936-05).jpg

Remington Rand strikers, flyer (Erie County Committee Communist Part, 1936-05) 1 copy.jpg

From the files of the North Tonawanda Police Department

Remington-Rand Pickers attack strikebreakers bus, photo (1936-06-02).jpg

Remington-Rand Pickers attack strike-breakers bus, photo (1936-06-02).jpg

News agency caption reads: "Determined to halt entrance of strikebreakers into the Remington-Rand plant at Tonawanda, N. Y., strikers above are shown…