Gilmore School (Public School No. 7)

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Gilmore School (Public School No. 7)


Calls have been made for over a decade for a new school to serve the city's Ironton district before Public School No. 7 opens in 1926. It is not named "Gilmore" school right away; as late as 1933 it is known only by its number, or "the new Ironton school."

When the school reopens for 1932, it is filled to capacity. Principal Kenneth G. McLean says the sixth grade will temporarily have to use Ironton School No. 2 as a result.

The school is enlarged in 1957.


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The Board of Education is now headquartered in the southern part of the building, while the Christian Academy uses the original section. The…

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Public School #7, Gilmore School, opened in 1926 with the few simple buildings seen in this 1951 Sanborn insurance map. Subsequent additions added the…