Tonawanda Kardex Lumbermen

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Tonawanda Kardex Lumbermen


This Tonawandas football club was a member of the NFL--for a single "away" game in 1921. They lost that game (against the Rochester Jeffersons) 45-0. Tonawanda High School was the site of their home games. They were named after and probably sponsored by the Rand Kardex Co. Coached by Syracuse standout "Tam" Rose. In 1921, players are college starts from "all over the country," including "Notre Dame, Penn State, and Maryland."

According to Life in the Slow Lane, the lineup was:
  • Backnor, C;
  • Fred Brumm, LT;
  • Cassidy, QB;
  • Joe Dussosoit, RE;
  • Andy Fletcher, LHB;
  • Art Georke, LE;
  • Clarence Hosmer, LG;
  • Rudy Kraft, LG-C;
  • George Kuhrt, LT;
  • Buck MacDonald, RG;
  • Tom McLaughlin, RHB-FB;
  • Bill Meisner, RHB;
  • Frank Morrisey, RT;
  • Frank Primeau, RE-QB;
  • Tam Rose, LHB;
  • Spin Roy, LE;
  • Bill Sanborn, RE;
  • Charles Tallman, RT;
  • Red Werder, C;
  • Wex, FB;
  • Wise, QB