Ghost causes flight of six, article and transcription (Tonawanda News, 1920-04-06).jpg

Ghost causes flight of six, artivcle (Tonawanda News, 1920-04-06).jpg

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Ghost causes flight of six, article and transcription (Tonawanda News, 1920-04-06).jpg



**Desert Dwelling After Spiritual Being Makes Second Appearance.**


Arrival on Both Occasions is Accompanied by Noise Like Blowing of Wind—Covers Are Carried Off Bed—Vanishes Through Ceiling.

Another ghost, angel or some spiritual being has made its appearance here and this time the matter has been called to the attention of the police, which resulted in Anthony Ross giving up his boarding house at No. 111 Main street and fleeing with his wife and seven boarders to the West End Hotel, leaving behind all their household effects.

According to Ross, the ghost made its first appearance at his house on Saturday night between 1 and 2 o’clock. Describing the case to the investigating police, Ross said the noise like the blowing of wind and a movement of air in the room that caused the bed covers to be removed accompanied the arrival of the apparition, causing his awakening. He said the ghost was in the form of a woman robed in a white bridal veil and that it did not appear to walk, but floated. Ross said he was horrified to such an extent by the apparition that he ran out of the room for the remaining night. It then vanished through the ceiling. Ross, believing that Ross had been drinking or was “seeing things,” one of the boarders said he would spend Sunday night in the room and watch, but the ghost again appeared between 1 and 2 o’clock in the same manner as the night before, but was not seen by the boarder. Ross testifies that he saw the same thing as Ross, stating that he was not under the influence of liquor, but had never been more sober in his life. He believes the house is haunted by some supernatural force in such condition that the boarders all fled and the ghost vanished.

The declaration to be made may not have been sufficient to shield the boarder or the house but there was no hesitancy in the leaving of the keys to any person who desires to discover the cause of the visitation which he said he did not fear.




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