Ghost, angel advertise city, article and transcription (Tonawanda News, 1920-04-09).jpg

Ghost, angel advertise city, article (Tonawanda News, 1920-04-09).jpg

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Ghost, angel advertise city, article and transcription (Tonawanda News, 1920-04-09).jpg



**Tonawandas Are Receiving Much Notoriety from Weird Stories.**


Special Writer Sent Here by Nearby Newspaper Secures Material for Sensational Article—Man Who Saw Ghost Reported Critically Ill.

It will not be necessary for the Chamber of Commerce to spend $15,000 advertising the Tonawandas if they have a few more ghost stories and visits from angels. The Twin Cities are securing many thousands of dollars' worth of advertising throughout the country as the result of newspaper circulation to date of these weird tales.

The unusual situation has been given so much prominence that a few days ago a special writer from a nearby newspaper was sent here to conduct an investigation to culminate in the writing of a feature article on the Tonawandas ghosts and angels. Although efforts were made in some quarters to discredit the presence of a good newspaper story, the writer left the impression when he departed that sufficient material had been secured around which to build a sensational article.

A number of persons, too, have come here from other cities for the purpose of spending a night in the dwelling on Main street, which is supposed to be the habitation of a ghost. Promises have been made that the ghost would be captured but, so far as is known, the alleged spiritual being is still at large.

It was reported today that one of the men who saw the ghost had been made critically ill as the result.




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