Graveyards are giving up their dead, article and transcription (Tonawanda News, 1920-06-12).jpg

Graveyards are giving up their dead, article 1 of 2 (Tonawanda News, 1920-06-12 25201197).jpg
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Graveyards are giving up their dead, article and transcription (Tonawanda News, 1920-06-12).jpg



Ghosts Seen Last Night in Tonawanda and North Tonawanda.


Unmistakable Apparitions Reported Seen by Responsible Citizens—Buffalo Spiritualists Are Interested and Come Here to Investigate.

Two ghosts made their appearance in North Tonawanda last night and, consequently, the mystery surrounding the presence here of these spirit beings grows deeper. The fact that the apparitions are said to have been seen by leading citizens lends credence to the stories. The ghosts last night were seen on Bryant street in North Tonawanda near the place where a ghost was seen the previous night, and on Main street in Tonawanda near Park avenue.

The ghost stories are attracting so much attention that Buffalo spiritualists came here today to investigate. They were headed by Mrs. George Geyer of No. 1032 E. Ferry street. The spiritualists said the ghost seen some nights ago on Delaware street, near Elmlawn, was discovered through a seance to be the spirit of Norman Baker of Buffalo, who was murdered on the Rasminger road in the town of Tonawanda last September. The spiritualists propose to hold a seance to determine the identity of the ghosts seen here.

The North Tonawanda ghost last night took on the appearance of an Indian. It had feathers on its head, long flowing hair, an abnormally large ...

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face, long hands but no feet. The apparition was draped in a white robe thrown over its shoulders, through which could be seen the outline of a skeleton.

The Tonawanda ghost had the form of the statue of Liberty. It was a transparent figure and appeared to float off the ground. When pursued, the ghost turned on its would-be captors, and the latter took to their heels.

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Spiritualists who came here to investigate the stories, today questioned persons who are said to have seen the ghosts. They said apparitions are according to their belief, projections of thoughts, planted in the mind of the seer, to be stated by those who are led to venture the ghosts. The psychic vibration emanated by the seer who saw the apparition was seized by others who said to be in continuity with their teachings.

Those who saw the ghost in North Tonawanda were attracted by a moaning and then, seeing a figure clothed in white, thought some one had fallen from a bedroom window in his bed clothes, being electrocuted by coming in contact with electric light wires in the street.

The Tonawanda Power Company last night reported mysterious interferences with its electric light circuits for which it has been unable to account.

Searching parties have been organized by the members of the Eldredge Bicycle Club to cooperate with the police departments in solving the mystery. Some persons are of the belief that local graveyards are beginning to give up their dead.





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