Felton, Benjamin F. (1827-1905)

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One of the most prominent early residents of North Tonawanda, Felton is born in Massachusetts in 1827. Early on he is involved in the manufacture of leather goods and stationary in Buffalo. For the next 15 years he was involved in the news business, apparently renting a franchise on New York Central and other lines for $40,000 a year. In North Tonawanda he became involved with real estate, and fostered the area's industrial growth, being an organizer of the Niagara River Iron Corp, which was succeeded by Tonawanda Iron and Steel. He supervised the creation of many streets, and Gratwick's Felton Street is named after him. He also spent 30 years as president of North Tonawanda's Board of Education. The former Felton School and its nearby orphaned athletic field, Felton Field, still bear his name.

Felton is Village President in 1891.




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