Behind bars, article (Tonawanda News, 1895-10-08ish)

Behind bars, article (Tonawanda News, 1895-10-0).pdf

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Behind bars, article (Tonawanda News, 1895-10-08ish).pdf


Rhineheart, owner of boats Hoff and Riley, arrested. Will be taken to Buffalo. Police complain tipsters repudiate. Goddard has "no statement" but goes onto say the newspapers have treated him harshly, that when facts come out they will realize their wrong, he had been a businessman for years and those who know him know his innocence,.

NEWS crows that their coverage is receiving compliments and that the AP is using it (BN "only made liberal use").

Rose will give a statement tomorrow.

An article on the same page says Citizens of the Tonawandas will hold a general meeting to discuss the tragedy.