Big Riot, article (Buffalo Express, 1895-10-07)

Big Riot, article (Buffalo Express, 1895-10-07).PDF

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Big Riot, article (Buffalo Express, 1895-10-07).PDF


Captain loading out of turn at Scriber's dock. 12:30 a.m. 150 boatmen assembled. Took two bullets, sun clubbed, boats cut adrift. Phillips's boats the John Graft and the May. Phillips "shot in the head and the body as he stood upon his boat." "Young Phillips struck on the head with a club." Had brought his boats from Buffalo two days ago. Was suspected he would load and return to Buffalo before morning. Tonawanda boatmen claim Phillips fired at them first, five shots fired in all. The lines of the two boats were cut. Police arrive at dock to find boats and men gone. The boats were overtaken at Tonawanda Island, just below the swing bridge. NT police had been notified by telephone to watch for the boats, and were soon upon their decks. Captain Phillips stretched out on deck, dead. Physicians summoned, conclude son will succumb to his injuries. No mention of Flora.