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Dennis Reed Jr standing in front of the iconic Wurlitzer Building in North Tonawanda, N.Y.

Your host, Dennis Reed Jr

What's here?

Nearly 2,000 images and documents from North Tonawanda, NY's colorful past. There are also about 80 collections on various NT places and businesses, often with a brief historical summary.

The wild, early years of the Erie Canal and lumber boom; the worldwide phenomenon of the carousel; the rival carousel (band) organ makers, including Wurlitzer; the increasingly heavy industry; the little schools and churches that nourished minds and spirits; the occasionally idyllic neighborhoods, and the trains and trolleys which steamed and sparked their way through them; the water-borne lifestyle of the Niagara River and the canal; the diverse and sometimes clashing ethnic populations–all these stories this collection humbly attempts to illustrate in some small way.

Where can I see your painting and photography?

Please visit my Art and Photography site:

I have something historyish. Do you want it?

Yes! Well, a photo and its story. Email me at me@dennisreedjr.com. But please give the actual object(s) to the North Tonawanda History Museum or the Historical Society of the Tonawandas.

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Can I send you the history of a subject I know about, or correct or amplify what you have already written?

Of course. Email me at me@dennisreedjr.com.

I might have your Dream Item. What is it?

A photo of the Niagara Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company, which operated in a group of buildings at 196-206 Thompson Street from 1905-1917. Learn more about the search for this photo.

Do you have any association with the local historical societies, or organizations?

No. I have been fortunate enough to meet and speak with the wonderful people and volunteers at our carousel museum and historical societies, and to sometimes share research or provide IT support, but I have no formal association with them.

I still have more questions! Like, May I sue you?