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Alexander's Lounge (46 Sweeney)

Alexanders photo (Dennis Reed Jr 2020).jpeg

Alexander's, ink and watercolor (Dennis Reed Jr). If you are expecting the current gentlemen's establishment Alexander's Lounge to have a colorful…

Allan Herschell Companies

Allan Herschell, colorized.jpg

An 1894 Armitage-Herschell advertisement shows a not-at-all-dangerous-to-children-looking steam boiler and pulleys providing motive power to the…

American District Steam Heating, Taber Industries (455 Bryant Street)

American District Steam Heating PLant, postcard.jpg

Before the electric age, there was the steam age. Steam (harnessing the pressure created by boiling water) was used to power factory equipment,…

Artizan Factories Inc. (583 Division Street)

Artizan Factories, photo (1926, HST).jpg

The only known photograph of the Artizan Factories Inc. building in its seven years of operation; published in a 1926 industrial survey. From the…

Auto-Wheel Coaster Company (95 Schenck)

Buffalo Sled Company, factory.jpg

Employees of the Buffalo Sled Company in North Tonawanda plant. PHOTO: North Tonawanda History Museum Organized as the Buffalo Sled Co. in 1905 by…

Avenues / Ironton (Neighborhood)

Ironton village, map detail (D.G. Beers & Co., 1875).jpg

At left, an 1875 map shows the village of Ironton north of the village of North Tonawanda; at lower right, an 1893 illustration shows the Tonawanda…

Avondale / Oliver Theater (358 Oliver)

Avondale Theatre photo, Tonawanda Scholastica (1924).jpg

Avondale Theatre as it appeared in 1924 (Dennis Reed Jr) The southwest corner of Robinson and Oliver Streets—now an empty lot—was formerly occupied…

B. P. O. Elks Lodge 860 (Sweeney and Main)

B. P. O. ELKS No. 860, postcard.jpg

The Elks Club home c1920–2011; northeast corner of Main and Sweeney.The North Tonawanda chapter of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks…

Backer House (118-124 Webster Street), Backer Alley

Former Backer House, photo (Google, 2024).jpg

The Backer House on an 1886 map. The long-gone, three-story "Backer House" at the crook of Main and Webster Streets has been called the city's first…

Bennett Lumber Company

Bennett Lumber Company grounds, illustration (1926).jpg

Island and Main Streets. Bennett began his lumber business at Main and Island Streets as Hoadley and Bennett in 1902, eventually expanding to 190…

Boathouse Park, Weatherbest Slip

Boathouses, Boathouse Park, photo (Dennis Reed Jr, 2021-05-03).jpg

PHOTO: Dennis Reed Jr. Around the junction of Tonawanda Creek and the "Little River" three small slips cut into the land. The slips were dug in the…

Buffalo & Niagara High Speed Line (1918-1937)

IRC High Speed Train, Facebook, photo.jpg

The electric High Speed Line is an electric streetcar (trolley) passenger train operated by the International Railway Company from June 9, 1918 to…

Buffalo Bolt, Roblin Steel

Buffalo Bolt Company, illustration (A Graphic Story 1920).jpg

Formerly situated on Oliver Street near East Ave., this longtime employer got its start in Amsterdam, N.Y. in 1855. They moved to a small two-story…

Buffalo Pumps

Buffalo Pump (from gardener41).jpg

A general early description of the plant my be found at "The Pump Works." Tonawanda News, August 24, 1893.

Buffalo Wings and Brewhouse, Bestaste Mini Market (653 Oliver)

Buffalo Wings and Brewhouse, 653 Oliver, photo (Google Maps, 2021).jpg

From at least 1934, this address in the heart of North Tonawanda's Polish community serves as a vital neighborhood deli. It has since been remodeled…

Carnegie Arts Center

Carnegie Library, illustrated postcard (1910).jpg

Formerly the public library. Built in 1903 from a Carnegie endowment.

City Hall

City Hall, illustrated postcard (c1940).jpg

The former North Tonawanda City Hall was located on the southeast corner of Main and Tremont. The current North Tonawanda City Hall and police station…

Colonel Payne School

Colenel Payne School, illustrated postcard.jpg

Public School #5

Creo-Dipt, Weatherbest Stained Shingles

Former Creo-Dipt, WeatherBest (Oliver near 17th Ave), photo (2024, Google).jpg

In November 1929 Island Street facility nearly wiped out by a disastrous blaze that does an estimated $250,000 in damage and destroys 100 carloads of…

DeGraff Mansion (273 Goundry Street)

Degraff Manion (from DeGraff Mansion Memoir on Facebook).jpg

DeGraff Mansion c.1970, from DeGraff Mansion Memoirs Few residences are as striking--or ancient--in North Tonawanda as the stately Queen Anne red…

DeGraff Memorial Hospital

DeGraff memorial Hospital, photo postcard.JPG

In 1913 business leaders in the Tonawandas including LeGrand S. DeGraff and NT Mayor Dr. John A. Rafter developed a plan to create a badly needed…


Webster Street, with dog, postcard.jpg

Most of North Tonawanda's downtown area developed between 1875 and 1900. In this collection are preserved views of many vanished buildings: The YMCA…

Dreamland, Alliance Church, Strand Theater (540 Oliver)


The Strand at Oliver and 1st opened as a silent film and vaudeville theater on June 24, 1914, and was originally named "Dreamland." It joined several…

Durez Plastics

Durez parade float, photo (1972).jpg

General Plastics--the company that would become Durez--is incorporated in 1921 by Texas-born Harry Mason Dent (1888-1967) in North Tonawanda. Dent was…

Early Days of the Tonawandas

Newspaper Buffalo  NY Morning Express 1891 - 0563.pdf

These book excerpts and articles shed light on the earliest days of the Tonawandas, as well as the nearby villages of Martinsville, Sawyer's Station,…

Erie Canal

A Tow, on Erie Canal, Tonawanda, postcard (1915).jpg

The Erie Canal in North Tonawanda followed the existing Tonawanda Creek from Pendleton. The first work done locally was the 1823 construction of a…

Erie Canal Contract No.19

View of dredge and scow at Pendleton (1909-07-06).jpg

The Erie Canal was always a work in progress. These photos show work done along the western portion of the Erie Canal starting in 1910, from Sulphur…

Felton High School and Grammar School

Felton High School, postcard (1909).jpg

Built in 1901, the visually striking Felton High School once stretched along Thompson Street between Bryant and Falconer streets. It was named after…

Firefighting in the Tonawandas

Columbia Hook and Ladder, The Homeyer, North Tonawanda, illustrated postcard (c1916).jpg

Gratwick Hose No.6, Felton Street, c.1929 The greatest enemy the lumbermen had was fire. Annually it destroyed millions of dollars of lumber and cost…

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church, photo (c1900).jpg

The First Baptist Church of North Tonawanda is built in 1888 at 190 Vandervoort Street. On May 30, 1965 the congregation commences worship at their…

Fleuron Pottery (73-79 Robinson Street)

Fleuron vase with handpainted portrait (c.1930) 2.jpeg

Fleuron pottery stamped with "N. Tonawanda" appears to be produced in the 1920s and 1930s. Contemporaneous ads for home goods sellers mention it…

Friedens Church, Ghostlight Theatre (170 Schenck)

Friedens Church, illustrated ceramic hotplate (c1960).jpg

The current Ghostlight Theatre, as living memory will inform many residents and casual observation will inform the rest, began as a church. From…

Gilmore School (Public School No. 7)

Gilmore School almost ready, article photo (Tonawanda News, 1957-08-28).jpg

Calls have been made for over a decade for a new school to serve the city's Ironton district before Public School No. 7 opens in 1926. It is not…

Goerss's Dairy

Goerss Dairy, illustrated ad (1965).jpg

The W. C. Goerss Dairy is started in Martinsville in 1925 by Wilmer C. Goerss. It seems likely that his brother Gerhart is involved early on. By 1937…

Goose Island (Tonawanda)

Harbor, Goose Island, postcard (1913).jpg

Goose Island as seen from Tonawanda Island, postcard detail, ca 1913. In the mid-nineteenth century, Tonawanda's so-called "Goose Island" has a…

Goundry Street Area

Goundry Street Looking East form Paynes Avenue, de Kleist residence, photo postcard.jpg

From the village's earliest days, Goundry Street was a showcase of its most luxurious homes. Wealthy lumber barons and bankers settled here, enjoying…

Goundry Street School

Union School (Goundry Street), photo postcard (c.1900).jpg

The Goundry Street School was a stone building constructed in 1866. From History of Niagara County 1821-1878 (1878): The North Tonawanda Union School…

Gratwick (Neighborhood)

Gratwick slip, removed boathouses, map (1951).jpeg

The White, Gratwick & Mitchell Lumber Company establishes a planing mill and substantial lumberyards along the Niagara River in 1879. They employ…

Gratwick Family: Cumming Photo Collection (c. 1905)

Boathouse gang colorized.jpg

The "Boat House Gang," probably photographed at the Gratwick slip. Colorized by Dennis Reed Jr. In 2018, I was asked by a local woman and family…

Gratwick School

Gratwick School, photo (Kathleen Hay, 1990).jpg

Opens in 1894, two years after Pine Woods school, and five years after the second public school, Ironton (According to a 1979 News article).

Hannah Johnson (ca. 1799 - 1883)

Hannah Johnson cabin location based on 1875 map (

The John Johnson frame dwelling, denoted on an 1860 map. Wheatfield fortune-teller (ca. 1799 - 1883) Hannah Johnson is a Black woman who lives with…

Hotel Sheldon

Hotel Sheldon, photo postcard.jpg

Postcard, c1890This massive hotel once occupied the southeast corner of Goundry and Main. A general description from Lumber City (1891): Nothing is…

International Paper Company

International Paper Co., pulp wood pile, photo (1936-09).jpg

(1898-1975?) The International Paper occupied the northern edge of Tonawanda Island for over 50 years, processing lumber for use in magazines and…

Ironton School

Ironton School, photo (c1985).jpg

Ironton Public School #2 opens in 1889 at the corner of 1st Ave and Oliver Street (present-day Elizabeth Harvey Apartments / Olmsted Center for…

Lumber Business of the Tonawandas

Unloading Lumber int he Twin Citites.jpeg

In the heyday of the Tonawandas' lumber years, practically every available inch of the Niagara riverfront and Tonawanda Island is covered in lumber…


William Street Looking North, Martinsville, postcard (c1910).jpg

Old Falls Boulevard, looking north from Lockport Ave. to Niagara Falls Blvd. Postcard detail, c.1900. The northeast part of North Tonawanda known as…

Melody Fair

Melody Fair, postcard.jpg

This little theater drew an impressive array of stars to North Tonawanda, and it saddened the hearts of many to watch it fall into disuse in the 90s…

Memorial Pool

Memorial Pool, aerial photo (c1950).jpg

Painting by Dennis Reed Jr. (2023). The Memorial Pool opens in North Tonawanda in the summer of 1948. It is a memorial for the veterans of the recent…

Niagara Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company

Niagara Musical Instrument Mfg Co, colorized Sanborn map (1910).jpg

PHOTO SEARCH: Learn about the search for a photograph of Niagara!(1905-1917) The Niagara Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company is formed by former…

Niagara Silk Mills

Niagara Silk Mills, postcard (c1910).jpeg

The Niagara Silk Mills plant once dominated Sweeney Street, standing where Gateway Center is today. Postcard c. 1912. The Niagara Silk Mills (later…

North Tonawanda Barrel Organ Factory (1893-1903)

Barrel Organ Factory 1893-color-full.jpg

Nucleus of Wurlitzer: The North Tonawanda Barrel Organ Factory in 1893. It still stands in 2023. The first of its kind in America, the North…

North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works

North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works, postcard (1916).jpg

North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works factory at 435 Payne Avenue, c1913; photo colorized by the webmaster. (1906-1919) The North Tonawanda…

North Tonawanda Public Market

Public Market, North Tonawanda, postcard (c1910).jpg

The North Tonawanda Public Market brought thousands of customers on its first day of operation. Photo date unknown. The first official date of…

Our Lady of Czestochowa Church, 57 Center Avenue

Our Lady of Czestochowa, postcard (c1920).jpg

From their website: Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish was established on May 1, 1901. Father Peter Lotocha was named Pastor and the first Mass was…

Payne Avenue High School


Built c. 1925. A pool is added soon after. Later Payne Junior High, and Lowery Middle School.

Payne Estate

Payne Acres - 1908 map overlaying 2019 satellite image.jpg

The area north of Wheatfield Street and on both sides of Payne Avenue--formerly the farm and dwelling of early resident and major landholder Colonel…

Pettit Creek

Pettit Creek on map (1838).jpg

A 1908 map depicts the course of the State Ditch, which was originally Pettit Creek. The background photograph shows the mouth of the creek at the…

Pine Woods Park

Sweeney Park Entrance, postcard (c1930).jpg

"Sweeney Park Entrance." Postcard, c. 1920 The largest park in North Tonawanda is also the oldest. Originally named "Sweeney Park," it is comprised…

Pine Woods School

Pine Woods School, photo (1965 North Tonawanda Centennial Magazine).jpg

Public School #3, built 1892.

Rand Company, Kardex, Remington-Rand

Rand Makurown index tabs, ad (1918).jpeg

The Rand family powerfully shaped the Tonawandas' business landscape over several generations. Starting in banking, the Rand men (sometimes in direct…

Remington Tavern (184 Sweeney)

Remington Rand buildings, photo (Dennis Reed Jr., 2008-10-27) 6.jpg

Built in 1895 for trolleys, the squat orange-brick building was subsequently used by carousel and motor builders Herschell-Spillman and the…

Richardson Boat Company

Richardson Boats demolition, photo set (Dennis Reed Jr, 2024-06-12).jpg

Richardson Boat Company on Bryant and Sweeney, c.1929. From the Richardson Boat Owners Association website: In 1909 G.Reid Richardson founded the…

Riverside Chemical Company (1906-present)

Riverside Chemical Company, 871 River Road (2021 Google Street View).jpg

From their website: Riverside Chemical was founded in 1906 by A. C. Rasch. The business started running out of the basement of a grocery store at…

Rojek's Dairy, Stan Rojek and Park Manor Lanes

Stan Rojek, baseball card (1949 Bowman).jpg

Andrew and Pauline Rojek immigrated to the US in 1905 from present-day Poland. They were were carpenters and dairy farmers, eventually establishing…

Smith Real Estate Exchange Building (NE corner Webster and Tremont)

Smiths Dining Car, Exchange, Tremont and Webster, postcard (1936).jpg

At six stories, it was the tallest building on Webster. Burns in 1938.

State National Bank (14 Webster Street)


This former beauty of a building on the northwest corner of Webster and Sweeney Streets housed the State National Bank and other businesses. James H.…

Sweeney Cemetery


William Dittmar (former curator, Historical Society of the Tonawandas) is quoted in a 7/23/72 Niagara Gazette article as saying the future Sweeney…

The Swing Bridges

Southern swing bridge, photo (c.1973).jpg

Apr 21 1883 "An act to incorporate the Tonawanda Island Bridge Company, for the purpose of constructing and operating a bridge from Tonawanda island…

Thiele's Dairy

Thiele Dairy, bottle, detail (c1970).jpg

There were several Thiele's locations: The original was on Shawnee Road (the farm, out on Niagara Falls Blvd. in the Martinsville / Sawyer Creek…

Tonawanda Iron and Steel

Tonawanda Iron and Steel, illustrated postcard (1907).jpg

You wouldn't know it from the site today, but the massive plant of the Tonawanda Iron and Steel Company once occupied all the land along the Niagara…

Tonawanda Island

Ancient monuments in the United States, illustration (Harper's Monthly Magazine, May 1860).jpg

1860 illustration showing the southern tip of Tonawanda Island. The lavish Beechwater residence and a smaller building are seen to the left of a…

Tonawanda Kardex Lumbermen

Tonawanda Kardex logo (1921).gif

This Tonawandas football club was a member of the NFL--for a single "away" game in 1921. They lost that game (against the Rochester Jeffersons) 45-0.…

Tonawanda Power Company (435 Robinson)

Robinson Street transformer house, photo (c 1896).jpeg

National Grid transformer station in 2023. Photo by Dennis Reed Jr.First located on Tonawanda IslandAround 1889, what would be come the Tonawanda…

Tonawanda Sports Center (Sportsplex)

Twin City Racquet Cllub, illustrated ad (c1970).jpg

In April 1974 construction began on the massive Twin City Racquet Club / Tonawanda Sports Center complex on Ridge Road in North Tonawanda, behind the…

Trolleys and Trains

North Tonawada Street Railtoad, photo, c 1893.jpeg

Before everybody in North Tonawanda could afford their very own muffler-less Honda Civic to run up and down Oliver Street, trolleys and trains were an…

Webster to Main Street Bridges

062 2198 Bascule bridge.jpg

? - 1916: The Long Bridge - Engineers were already discussing the replacement of the Long Bridge when weeks of heavy spring flooding and a collision…

Wurlitzer Common School (Head Start)

Wurlitzer Common, photo (2008).jpg

Built c. 1925 on land donated by the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, serving Martinsville. Public School 6

Wurlitzer Manufacturing Company

1940s Wurlitzer Building and Park, illustrated postcard  (HST).jpg

The signature tower of the North Tonawanda plant and occasional headquarters. Postcard, c.1940. Its iconic tower has presided over Sawyer's Creek and…

Wurlitzer Park

Wurlitzer Park Village, illustrated Christmas ad, Buffalo Courier-Express, 1957-12-22).jpg

Real estate developers begin marketing the “Wurlitzer Park Village” as a safe, family-friendly escape from the aging and industrialized portions of…

Additional Topics

142 Oliver

Dorn, boarding rooms, 142 Oliver Street, photo (c. 1900).jpg

This Oliver Street address appears to have its foundation laid in 1886, in the midst of a grist mill, boiler and engine works, a train depot, and a…

16-18 Webster (Schroeder's, Mundie Bros., etc.)

16-18 Webster, postcard detaill (c1910).jpg

16-18 Webster Street, c. 1910F. Sommer Block 14, 16 and 18 Webster Street comprise the "F. Sommers" block 3 on this 1875 map. In the 1891 guidebook…

Art of North Tonawanda by Dennis Reed Jr

Wurlitzer tower, watercolor (2016).jpg

I am not only interested in local history, but I also enjoy sketching and painting local scenes! Email me to buy prints of any of the art here, or…

Avenues Folk: Mary Kijowski-Konstanty, 47 15th Ave.

Mary Kijowski at 47 15th Avenue, photo (c1937).jpg

Center: A young Mary Kijowski on the porch of 47 15th Avenue, c.1933. Photos from her personal collection. In North Tonawanda, the Polish ruled the…

Blue Whale Car Wash (Young Street, Tonawanda)

Blue Whale Car Wash, photo (1983).jpg

The Blue Whale as a steel-girded tadpole, ca 1972.The Blue Whale Car Wash seemed harmless enough: a building-size mass of periwinkle fiberglass…

Boulton Carbon Manufacturing Company

Boulton Carbon Mfg Co, map (Sanborn-Perris, 1893).jpg

W. H. Boulton's Cleveland company manufactured carbons used in arc lighting. From Wikipedia: By 1894, he had formed the Boulton & Crown Carbon…

Buffalo Norsemen Hockey Club

Buffalo Norsemen, puck.jpg

This hockey team played a single season (1975-1976) in the NAHL at the Tonawanda Sports Center in North Tonawanda.

Dom Polski

Dom Polski-sponsored tax gathering to be interpreted in Polish, article (Tonawanda News, 1935-05-31).jpg

Steve Litwin has sketched the following for us on his website: The land the club now stands on was obtained March 28, 1917 by the POLISH FALCON…

Ellicott Creek Estates (Tonawanda)

Ellicott Creek Estates sign on car, photo (c.1923).jpg

In the mid 1920s, the area between Tonawanda and Ellicott Creeks near Niagara Falls Blvd. was aggressively marketed for sale to prospective homebuyers…

Erie Railroad Bridge over canal at Vandervoort

Erie Bridge railroad, postcard (1916).jpg

The Erie Bridge at Vandervoort carried Erie Railroad trains, electric streetcars--and apparently courageous pedestrians across the Tonawanda Creek and…

First Trust National Bank, Marine Midland, First Niagara, HSBC (2-6 Main Street, Tonawanda)

2 Main Street, Tonawanda, photo mural, interior photo.jpg

"Lumber Exchange Block"Niagara Savings and Loan. [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] Evans testimonial.

Gillie, Goddard and Company, (etc).

Gillie Riding Academy, photo ad (Street Railway Journal, 1902 PD).png

William M. Gillie's main foundry and plant is located on Goose Island at Tonawanda and Chestnut. In September 1892 a massive fire destroys some of…

Herman P. Schroeder tavern (870 Oliver Street)

Herman P. Schroeder saloon, 870 Oliver Street, photo (Kearns, Bille, c1915).jpg

The son of a German immigrant, Herman P. Schroeder came to North Tonawanda in the mid-1890s in the employ of Buffalo Bolt. He first lives in Gratwick,…

Hope-Jones Organ Co. (of Elmira)

Hope-Jones Organ Company, group photo (PSTOS-Pipeline-2012-10-4).jpg

The inventor of the Mighty Wurlitzer organ which catapulted the company to worldwide recognition was a brilliant (if troubled) Englishman named Robert…

Isle View (Red Pump, Tonawanda)

The Red Pump, 791 Niagara Street, Tonawanda, matchbook (c1935).jpg

During Prohibition, this 791 Niagara Street "roadhouse" in Tonawanda was known as The Red Pump, and found itself the target of numerous vice raids.…

Linde Television

Linde Television, 246 Oliver, Christmas window display, photo (1954-12).jpg

(c1953-1982) The 1950s TV craze peaked in 1954 and 1955, with sales topping seven million sets each of those years. One of the companies feeding the…

Mitch's Del-Taco, Oliver Studio, Lillian Beauty Shoppe (474 Oliver)

Mitch's beef taco.jpg

An Oliver Street favorite since 1978, "Mitch" went on to sling tacos at Mitch's General Store (9005 E Otto Springville Rd, East Otto, NY 14729) before…

Murder on the Docks (October 7, 1895)

P. W. Scribner Lumber Company, map detail (1893).png

Articles relating to the murder of Captain Lorenzo Philips and his son Charles at the Scribner docks in Tonawanda, and the subsequent…

Parade down Payne Avenue, color slides (1972)

Young at Heart float, parade, photo (1972).jpg

Young at Heart parade float, 35mm color slide (photographer unknown) These 21 colorful slides provide a wonderful record of many of North Tonawanda's…

Park Theater

Shows at Gem since Park has closed, ad (Tonawanda News, 1910-10-14).jpg

Goundry Street. Notices as early as 1905, though unclear if they apply to this location (another "Park" was in Buffalo).

Perew's Electric Man and Other Inventions

The Automatic Man, photo (New York Public Library Photography Collection, c1900).jpg

Perew's most famous invention, a patented, giant automaton known variously as the "Electric Man," "Peter the Great," "Christopher," and the…

Recreational Warehouse (555 River Road)

Recreational Factory Warehouse, logotype (1986).jpg

Located directly across River Road from the former Tonawanda Iron and Steel, this location has been host to a string of businesses, as well as long…

Scenic Family Theatre (40 Webster)

Remember the Scenic Theatre, photo from 1900 (Tonawanda News, 1968-10-26).jpg

In a 1913 map, the theater is shown in the north half of the Fowler Block, at the southwest corner of Webster and Tremont, or 40 Webster: though a…

Talismanic Corporation, Frontier Manufacturing Company

1174 Erie Ave, overhead photo (c2008).jpg

Located at 1174 Erie Ave. Talismanic and Frontier were owned and operated by Stanley C. Peuchen and his brothers. Manufacturers of Tops Oil and Oak…

Telephone Franchises

Home Telephone Building, postcard (1907-11-08).jpg

"In 1880, both the Bell Telephone Company and the Edison Co. opened general offices and began extending service in both villages here. The Home…

The "White Angel" apparition of 1920

Leading business men of twin cities urge voters to ratify consolidation, article (Tonawanda News, 1920-06-14).jpeg

Mr. and Mrs. Voetsch are surprised returning from Buffalo in their motor car by an apparition. (Illustration by AI) In 1920 a series of purported…

Theodore Roosevelt speaks at North Tonawanda (October 31, 1900)


Recreation of newspaper headline by Dennis Reed JrOn October 31, 1900, Republican candidate for vice president and Governor of New York Theodore…

Tonawanda Brewing Company (533 Niagara Street, Tonawanda)

Tonawanda Brewing Company employees, colorized photo (c1918).jpg

People outside the Tonawanda Brewing Company. Colorized by the webmaster. The northeast corner of Hinds and Niagara Streets in Tonawanda hosts a…

Wulf Bottling Works (285 Main)

Wulfs Bottling Works, Tonawanda NY, label.jpeg

Started by Norman Wulf Sr. in 1921 (at 20 Minerva St., Tonawanda). His sons become partners in the business along the way. The operation has moved to…

Ziehl's Groceries (356 Old Falls Blvd)

F. Ziehl & Son Groceries, colorized photo (August 1918).jpg

Ferdinand Ziehl (far right in the colorized 1918 photo) has a general store in Martinsville as early as 1903. Delivery of fresh meat and produce was…