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One of the earliest residents of present-day North Tonawanda. Lived near the Niagara River at present-day Wheatfield Street. Operated a public house? Gave his name to Pettit Creek which formerly ran through the Avenues. Builds a log house in 1809 (1936 TN atrticle). First appears on 1810 U. S. Census in Niagara County > Cambria Township, one adult male, one adult female, 2 young girls.

An anecdote exists (source?) that during the War of 1812, on the night of 12/19/13, the men there heard noises coming down the Miltary (River) road. To put off the apparent enemy, they decided to roll a wagon repeatedly over the corduroy road, shouting military things, attempting to affect a great force of men there. It turned out to be other U. S. men. 

1820 census: Six children (2 girls and 2 boys under 10 and 2 teenage girls), and two adults (one male and one female). One person involved in agriculture. (A Mary Pickard listed separately).

1830 census: a J Pettit in Clarence, young boys, one young girl and one 20-30 girl, maybe not same household?

1840: No obvious matches in immediate area

1830s+: Grantor Index of the Land assessment, Niagara, shows many transactions by and among the Pettits (Abraham, Lawton, Hiram, William O., Benjamin D, Jenme, Alexander, Enoch, Reuben, Curtis, George, John, etc.



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