"Angel" makes another visit, article and transcription (Tonawanda News, 1920-03-24).jpg

"Angel" makes another visit, article (Tonawanda News, 1920-03-24).jpg

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"Angel" makes another visit, article and transcription (Tonawanda News, 1920-03-24).jpg



**Elmlawn Cemetery Section is Getting to be Spooky Place.**


Motorman of Kenmore Trolley Stops Car Thinking it is Woman Desirous of Getting Aboard—Not Visible to Conductor in Rear Vestibule.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Voetsch of No. 76 Webster street are not the only persons who have recently seen apparitions on Delaware street in the vicinity of the Elmlawn and Mt. Olivet cemeteries, which are almost opposite each other. Mr. and Mrs. Voetsch claimed to have seen the form of a woman, robed in a white flowing gown, with light streaming hair and wings float across Delaware street in front of their automobile while returning from Buffalo one night last week. The story was ridiculed, but now comes another story of an "angel" which tends to strengthen the statement of Mr. and Mrs. Voetsch.

When the northbound Kenmore trolley car arrived in front of the North Tonawanda police station at 11:30 o'clock a few nights ago, the motorman Albert Stroessel and the conductor John Zimm, both of Buffalo, went into headquarters and related their strange experience with an apparition near Elmlawn cemetery. Stroessel saw what appeared to be a woman, robed in white, and with hair hanging down her back, standing besides the track as though to board the car when it stopped. Under this impression he stopped his car. As nobody got onto the car after it stopped, Zimm went to the forward end of the car to learn the reason why Stroessel stopped.

"Didn't a woman get onto the car?" asked the motorman. When informed that nobody boarded the car and that the conductor saw no person when he looked from the vestibule to see if anybody was waiting to get aboard, Stroessel related the circumstances which caused him to stop.

The motorman and conductor related the experience to Sergeant A. D. Smith and several members of the police department who were in the station when the street car men arrived. Sergeant Smith verified the story this afternoon.




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